"Hand Raised & Heart Loved" from our home, to yours!
Love & Blessings, Blessed Bernedoodles Family

Blessed Bernedoodles   "HAND RAISED, HEART LOVED"

Welcome to Blessed Bernedoodles!

Our love for quality Bernedoodles came along with our first Bernedoodle, Jewel. She has been the BEST dog we have ever had, and we just had to share her greatness with the world. Jewel is a once in a lifetime dog, and her pups are just as special!

This is her first litter (January 27, 2023), and she had TWELVE, HEALTHLY & GORGOUS PUPS! They are F2B Bernedoodles, so little to no shedding and hypoallergenic. This makes them approximately 65% Poodle and 35% Bernese Mt. Dog. Mama, 'Jewel' is an F1B Bernedoodle and Papa, 'Hank the Tank' is a F1 Bernedoole. Both are loved members of the family and have excellent dispositions!

Each puppy has been raised in our home, smack dab in the middle of everyday life. Each and every pup has been loved on and handled DAILY! Used to everyday sounds like blenders, vacuum cleaners, kiddos; being handled all day, everyday! They all love being with people! They have more love to give than you can imagine, and we know when they become part of your family, that love will show.

They have been started on potty pad training since they were 3 weeks old and are doing wonderfully. They are SMART! They are PLAYFUL! They are HEALTHY!

Each and everyone is so unique, each one is so sweet, and each one is so special, you can't go wrong with your selection!

We will make a trip to the DFW area and with 1/2 down deposit down and additional delivery fee of $200, we will set up a time and place for you to meet up with us to finalize your adoption. We reside in the Tulsa area and can meet up with families from other areas as well...just give us a call!

Each pup will come with info from our vet with their health check ups, enough food for a few days, (we recommend you feed - Taste of the Wild Puppy Food) and their worming and shot records. WE STRONLY ADVISE TASTE OF THE WILD GRAIN FREE SALMON FOOD AFTER THEY ARE DONE GROWING. THIS FOOD IS AMAZING QUALITY AND WE HAVE ZERO EAR OR SKIN ISSUES BC ITS ALL WE FEED. It is a higher cost food due to the quality ingredients, but we are convinced it nor only makes for a happier and healthier dog, but will save you hundreds to thousands in vet bills. We’ve been feeding this brand (particularly the GRAIN FREE SALMON) for almost 10 years and it stopped ALL allergy issues and ear problems!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Please email pups@blessedbernedoodles.com Thank you and BE BLESSED!