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This litter of Bernedoodles are known as FB2, meaning approximately 70% poodle and 25% Bernese Mountain Dog. They are well known for their awesome dispositions! They are easy to train, so very affectionate, very social, funny personalities, joyful, cheerful, loyal, friendly, do well with other animals of all types, very gentle, kind hearted, non aggressive, and LOVE THEIR FAMILIES!!! They are pretty much THE BEST DOGS EVER! (Well, we think so!!!)

They passed their first vet exam at 6 weeks old with 'flying colors'! The entire veterinary staff fell in love with them, and we were so proud because they were SO GREAT for their first adventure out of the house. The veterinarian we use raises standard poodles and Bernedoodles with his wife! He even took photos of them to send to her, and went on about what a great looking litter they are....this made us so proud! We have spent so much time with them, literally 24/7, making sure they are wormed, weaning, watered, early on bottle feeding of goat's milk for 4 of them, socializing them constantly; and we were over the moon to hear what a great job we have done with them by our veterinarian.

When you get your puppy, we will give you several feedings of the food they are currently on and do really well with until you have time to get what you need. We use Taste of the Wild (from Tractor Supply, Atwoods, Chewy, etc.) It is a brand I found years ago that took all of our 15 year old dog "Patch's" allergies and ear issues! Jewel and 'Uncle Patch' eat and love Taste of the Wild, Wild Caught Salmon is their favorite.

I can't say enough about this particular brand...grain and corn free, etc...fresh meat as the main ingredient, no fillers! This works GREAT on dogs with ear or allergy issues...makes them happy and even though it is a pricy bag of food (around $58 for 30lb bags) it has no corn, grains, etc. I find it creates less waste to pick up, and takes less food to feed because it is packed with the vitamins and nutrients they need to thrive! I found out the hard way chicken and rice, as well as chicken based foods can both cause and worsen ear infections, as well as allergy....so we steer clear. I just wish I would have known it years ago!

Taste of the Wild has two puppy versions, 'Pacific Stream' (wild caught salmon) and the 'High Prairie" (bison and venison). We have used High Prairie up until now, and will switch over to the salmon once our local feed store can keep it in stock again for us. Monthly delivery from Chewy.com is also an option! We try to shop local but do occasionally order from them when our local shops are out.

Your pup will come with 3 rounds of worming already done and vet checked 'parasite free', as well as their first round of shots, food until you find what they eat or transition them over, and a tablet for worming and heartworms. They will need round 2 of shots at 9 week, round 3 at 12 weeks, and final round with Rabies at 16 weeks. Our vet strongly recommends dogs, especially puppies, are not taken to dog parks, high traffic dog areas, etc. until they reach 6 months (24 weeks) so their immune system has time to build up the proper immunities to keep them safe. As of January 2023 there is a bad dog virus going around that is highly contagious. They do have a vaccine available for this virus. Now that Jewel has stopped feeding them, she is scheduled to get it. From what we understand, the virus takes over quickly and is deadly. We recommend you follow our vet's advice and keep them safe (without other dog's visiting from friends/family) until you are sure their immunity is up and running. It is a bit disappointing, but it is to keep them safe. We are really careful with these puppies, and because of their growing immunity, we do not take them anywhere except the vets office. We encourage you and to do the same for your new Bernie pup.